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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, 21 Dec 2014 01:53 pm

Alice, "sultry pancake toss" is not a move, and it never will be a move.

Coloring by Megan this week. And we have a new vote incentive. It's kind of a sketchy bonus panel, I guess? You can see it by clicking on Computer under the comic.

User Comments:
JinxazuMarai, 21 Dec 2014 02:07 pm

It's a literal pain when you're pinching him!

sonicmadgirl, 21 Dec 2014 02:50 pm

Ahem, if I may just say...

On a more coherent note,
I love his face in the last panel. So blushie. Also, that vote incentive is so cute! It's all falling into place!

RazorD9, 21 Dec 2014 04:00 pm

Oh my! She, she touched him! She touch him with her hot sticky fingers! You know, case she was making pancakes and is covered in juice. Yeah...

TheVelveteenRabbit, 21 Dec 2014 05:25 pm

I really like how the last panel looks
Keen observation there stanley >_>

BattleStarX, 21 Dec 2014 05:38 pm

Pinch him! Pinch him super hard! Though you wasted your pancake ammo.

TheLordofMelee (Guest), 21 Dec 2014 09:36 pm

Ooh. Speculation: he secretly likes Alice touching him and will make excuses for it to happen more in the future. Also. That psycho face on last panel? I <3 it. Join the Dark Side, Miss Evanson, feel the evil and crazys build up within you.

Sol, 22 Dec 2014 04:09 am

I think she just made it a move.

TransfusionalRift, 22 Dec 2014 05:18 am

That last strip was just "D'AAAAAAWWWW"

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