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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, September 12th, 2011, 6:41 am

Kinesis, this is why your only friends are a kidnap victim, two crazy arms dealers, and a computer that YOU YOURSELF PROGRAMMED TO LIKE YOU. Are you seeing any problems with this?

Coloring by Chelsea Capobianco.

User Comments:
BattleStarX, September 12th, 2011, 8:02 am

Aww... <3 the gentle, reassuring pat in the last panel.

Kinny can be too cute and feeling sometimes, especially for an evil overlord.

NuzlockingMagma, September 12th, 2011, 9:32 am

How come I expect him to start shooshing the computer? xD

sega-tendo-com2.0, September 12th, 2011, 12:17 pm

I bet you five bucks...
the computer was going to say girlfriend!

Sol, September 12th, 2011, 1:45 pm

Wait, Kinny was paying that guy?

Arcalian, September 12th, 2011, 3:01 pm

Maybe Computer....
...shouldn't say that....

(And since when did expendable minions start being important to Computer?)

Alexis_Royce, September 12th, 2011, 5:59 pm

@Arcalian: When weren't they? Teasing and killing are two very different things. :3

Bri, January 19th, 2012, 9:31 pm

Computer, Kinny's a supervillain. He's going to kill people. And don't pretend you weren't mad the minion threatened Alice!

sonicmadgirl, August 10th, 2012, 6:30 am

Computer, please understand that if you finish that sentence, he'll go all jittery and blush. In other words, SAY IT!!!!

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