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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, April 1st, 2012, 6:00 pm


User Comments:
Arcblade, April 1st, 2012, 6:05 pm

Chinese finger trap? He looks so frustrated! Priceless. :DDD

Also, I want to see this Trap Hall of Fame in canon. XD

Guest, April 1st, 2012, 6:06 pm

answer call

Shroedingers Cat (Guest), April 1st, 2012, 6:11 pm

Dance to the Phone

Antonio (Guest), April 1st, 2012, 6:13 pm

>Asnwer phone: "Citrus Co., who is it and what did you break THIS time?".

NuzlockingMagma, April 1st, 2012, 6:15 pm

^ This

AcolyteofDaniel, November 10th, 2014, 8:08 pm

Re-reading following the end of the flashback -- Is that Will on the Trap Wall of Fame?

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