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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, September 16th, 2012, 3:09 pm

Blah blah hints at his plan, blah. And Alice is pretty strong.

Colored this week by Meg, and we have a new vote incentive. This time, it's about Kinesis' hypothetical children. Please click Computer under the comic, and it'll take you to read it!

User Comments:
booklover4177, September 16th, 2012, 8:35 pm

Alice and computer watching romance flicks, man I can only imagine how Kinny would react to that if he walked in on them.

booklover4177, September 16th, 2012, 10:29 pm

Now that I would love to see! :)

lilmissbunnybitch, September 16th, 2012, 11:21 pm

i am very happy with the answer to my question :D

sonicmadgirl, September 17th, 2012, 1:05 am

@booklover4177 + NMA
I bet he throws computer out of the room without Alice noticing, locks the door and imagines himself and Alice together. That'd be WONDERFUL!


I'm surprised he doesn't immediately freak out over it (KINESALICE LOVE-CHILD!)

Lunaroki, September 17th, 2012, 10:53 am

Hey hey hey! Watch that potty mouth Alice! There's no call for that kind of language! Wait, that word is "flicks"? Oh! Sorry! With the uppercase font and the letters blurring together the L and the I looked like a ... Um, never mind! *sweatdrops*

KirtiMiko, September 17th, 2012, 10:56 am

SERIOUSLY THOUGH can anyone find a page when Kinny uses a male pronoun for Will? Because I can't, and after talking about Will for a whole page Kinny said he'd talk to "that woman", and will SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN in that picture that the artists KEEP SHOWING.

Arcalian, September 17th, 2012, 11:23 am

The tension is killing me!
And normally I like quiet scenes....

Kinesis: Computer, don't you dare play any more of those "For the Sake of Internet" videos!

Alexis_Royce, September 17th, 2012, 11:28 am

@Lunaroki: Apparently Alice is into some pretty smutty stuff.


diceknight, September 17th, 2012, 12:52 pm

Alice doing all the dirty work is adorable!

KirtiMiko, September 17th, 2012, 9:39 pm

So Aleix_Royce responded to reader comments up there and ignored mine.

Guys, Will is a girl. The creators of the comic would have been able to say "yes he used a male pronoun for Will at such-and-such point in the plot". If I was totally off base it wouldn't have been a spoiler to say that. Instead she ignored the comment completely.

I am now convinced that Will is a girl.

sonicmadgirl, September 18th, 2012, 11:22 pm

In Simpler times Kinesis says "A closer brother I could never have." therefore stating Will is a boy....i think...

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