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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, February 9th, 2013, 10:20 pm

We're all about the obvious gags, here.

Coloring by Meg this week. And there is a new vote incentive. The gag there is also obvious.

User Comments:
xXNagemXx, February 9th, 2013, 10:28 pm

I'm happy with my choice of color for Will's shirt.

sonicmadgirl, not signed in (Guest), February 10th, 2013, 2:38 am

H00RAY! (Excuse me, I'm such a perv)

AcolyteofDaniel, February 10th, 2013, 3:10 pm

The look of surprise on Will's face is priceless. I don't know how some people manage to get towels to stay on. I never can.

Guest, February 10th, 2013, 7:10 pm

... aaaaaaaaaaaand fanservice for the ladies, check!

joseph (Guest), February 11th, 2013, 11:14 pm

dammit I knew this would happen.

Tylerdawn, February 12th, 2013, 10:54 am

Vegeta called. He wants his sexy shirt back.

ElyssaJM, February 13th, 2013, 8:33 pm

Megan wasn't kidding about the pink shirt XD
Oh William, I heart you...

Nick (Guest), February 14th, 2013, 12:56 am

The way to keep a towel on is to tuck it in all around.Unfortunely,this doesn't work for girls.

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