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Your Overlords Declare:
xXNagemXx, January 22nd, 2017, 12:19 am

Oh Kevin! You’re alive?! What did you all expect? More Alice and Kinesis? ;)

Coloring by both Alexis and I this week. Her’s is the backgrounds and mine is Kevin.


User Comments:
Hydra, January 22nd, 2017, 3:03 am

Honestly with all the kinda of tech that have been shown off for heroes and more so villains, I'm not too surprised and am actually quite glad that Kevin is still alive because he seems very important to the plot and it will be interesting to see how Alice and Kinesis react to him coming back.

Sol, January 22nd, 2017, 3:04 am

If you want to be a super villain, Alice, you have to check for a pulse when you think you've killed the hero!

BattleStarX, January 22nd, 2017, 7:46 am

Blasted rival characters, always mooching off the title character privileges and doing stuff like this.

Xylas_Incarnum, January 22nd, 2017, 10:46 am

... Damn, guess heroes really only die when you mutilate their corpse yourself.

Then scatter the pieces.

Stefan (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 10:49 am

I am not surprised that Kevin is well. But I also wouldn't have been surprised if he was still in a coma. What I am curious about is how much time has passed since we last saw him. Were it days, weeks, months or longer? Also I am quite sure this hospital belongs to the company. As for the last panel, it seems Kevin lost the control over his telekinesis to a degree.
What comes next is probably that Kevin is chewed out by Agent over his failure. It is also likely that there will be a very emotional reunion with Kevin's friends.

And to our artists: Good work! The reflections in the last panel in particular are well done!

Hamplan (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 11:09 am

"Oh like you didn't see this coming"
Kevin's next words:
"They took my screentime! My sweet precious screentime!"

blast335 (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 12:18 pm

The only reason I'm glad that he's alive is because now Alice won't have to live with the guilt of killing someone. But to be honest, I much prefer reading about the hijinks Kinesis, Alice, and Will get into rather than Amazingman and the company.
Still though, this will make for some interesting dialogue next time he and Alice meet.

RazorD9, January 22nd, 2017, 4:58 pm

Amazingman's first death/"resurrection". Kevin is already getting into the swing of the whole hero biz.

Winaran (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 5:38 pm

Well, I know Alice was stressed and stuff, but... SHE FORGOT TO PULL TELEKINETIC CHIP OUT OF HIS SKULL! She is still noob villain...

asdfghl (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 7:43 pm

Dang! A few years ago I had lost internet access and couldn't continue reading, and I decided to come back to see how the comic was doing. Improvement levels are over 9000, seriously.

D and Ns, January 22nd, 2017, 11:02 pm

Oh well :)
Probably for the best he's alive. Can't wait to see how he reacts, especially since I imagine that's Alice's "I'm sorry". Also look forward to the other plot-points you've laid that would've disappeared (or at least seemed less relevant) had he really died. As for the rest... well there's always fanfiction :)

SKy (Guest), January 23rd, 2017, 6:56 am

Alive apparently never saw Zombie Land.
Always double tap.

Not BM (Guest), January 23rd, 2017, 7:22 pm

If at first you don't succeed, die DIE AGAIN!

Hamplan (Guest), January 23rd, 2017, 8:18 pm

This has made me think of something...who is founding kinny's work?
Did L&L give him cash? (Prior to minion hunt)
He was bankrupted by ******, *****, and ********, and minions were all really not getting enough. So how did he pay for food?
(Although I would like to see a comic of "the timmy", the Kinny superfan chasing him down in a grocery store...)

Hamplan (Guest), January 23rd, 2017, 9:13 pm

Aditionally, Anguish said he would abduct Kevin.
The plot has thickened to heavy cream.

BrokenGear (Guest), January 24th, 2017, 6:48 am

Really now.
Honestly, even though I knew he wouldn't die, I'm still disappointed.
But, who knows? Maybe Alice just transported him into the base without good doctor knowing to heal him and remove chip without the kid dying?
Doubtful but not out of realm of probability (maybe).

Hamplan (Guest), January 24th, 2017, 3:30 pm

Sir, you appear to have a drawrer over your head.

...Yeah, this is either the Company or it is
Anguish. I doubt anguish and the company are working together, (unless anguish is playing both sides) but it was stated that Anguish planned on kidnapping him for the tech.
He also doesn't seem to have the chip anymore...I see a piece of gold where it should be which could be a bandage or a bit of hair. But the drawer says otherwise.

Hamplan (Guest), January 24th, 2017, 3:37 pm

"I'm (not?) sorry"
Aditionally, the last word from alice was "just take the apology."
However, the line that stuck in his head could not have been from alice.
She never says "I'm sorry" she says I'm really sorry though. It's possible that someone else said it (the company's head, or maybe fay/maro...)

Abibliboop (Guest), January 25th, 2017, 12:54 pm

Villainy rules
1) Always remember to decapitate the defeated hero and keep the head with you in a a vault deep underground that is set up to flush the room with acid/lava/billions of ants/nuclear explosions/etc. if someone enters the vault. Only way to ensure hero stays dead and can't easily be revived.

2) Remember to yank out overpowered tech that you create and know he is/was using. It can be re-purposed back to its original intent.

3) Put a tracking device on the corpse so you can track where they take the body to just in case someone attempts to revive.

mimoprohodil (Guest), February 5th, 2017, 5:50 pm

Military rules:

Control shot to the head.
No revival when brains are part of the scenery.

HamPlan (Guest), August 27th, 2017, 3:53 pm

You probably don't know what "double helix shot" means and I don't either.

Simple decapitate, mutilate and double helix shot. Then run like hell.

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