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User Comments:
Loverofpiggies, August 24th, 2008, 6:21 pm

woo new page! :D :D And I hope you'll consider having Joey be a cameo. :3

The_Butcher (Guest), August 25th, 2008, 11:31 am

Woot, a Joey Cameo would be win...
But it's kinda wierd, cause Joey is too secretive to come to a supervillian meet, ain't he?

XIII, August 25th, 2008, 3:42 pm

That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Even villeins have fans.

Victoria (Guest), August 26th, 2008, 2:15 am

This comic could not possibly make me any more amused. This comic is made of WIN.

Niki_chan, August 26th, 2008, 11:48 am


Here's my ref for Commander Bun Bun, not mcuh but he still is a trigger happy, pink bunneh as ever.
Just teling ya toger. :D

Arc (Guest), August 26th, 2008, 8:18 pm

FANBOY! Awesome.

Feral Phoenix (Guest), August 27th, 2008, 4:25 pm

Oh dern, I had better get Kara to you quickly if I want her to show up in the Villains Convention, hadn't I...

Damien'sWater, August 29th, 2008, 11:40 am

Question! I finally took the time ot read what the fanboy was saying. Why would Kinesis hack the school boards?

Mizamour (Guest), August 30th, 2008, 7:42 am

Woot new page! I love it! Starry-eyed Kinesis fanboy is AWESOME. :D I love this comic!

4thWarmasterKais, September 6th, 2008, 3:48 pm

I bet that 'fanboy' wanted to steal his signiture and write cheques to himself *looks around akwardly* only I would do that?!?!?!

Bri, December 1st, 2008, 11:01 am

There's a simple solution to the "credit fraud" thing--just make the signature REALLY, REALLY BIG. Too big for a check or credit card or any other kind of credit fraud.

And why DID he hack the school board and give Timmy straight A's?

Neferius, January 7th, 2012, 7:02 am

@Bri: That wouldn't work as he would still be able to digitally resize it or just simply learn how to hand-forge it.

But even so, I'd still give him a "To my #1 most nefarious fan, [random scribble]"

Even a supervillain can use a healthy fanbase for support. Plus if he really DID try to use that signature for credit-fraud, the irony would have been that much more delicious >:D

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