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Your Overlords Declare:
Alexis_Royce, 10 May 2010 07:35 am

C'mon, guys. This is Kinesis we're talking about. As much as holding hands is beyond him. XD

User Comments:
Ninael (Guest), 16 May 2010 02:12 am

:D this is so cute, I just recently started reading, and I love it! <3

Hokova, 16 May 2010 04:46 am

This page is really cute.

NoobSauce (Guest), 16 May 2010 07:15 am

Hahaha. I <3 that last panel in all its blushy and sound fx-y and kinesis-y goodness.

Loverofpiggies, 16 May 2010 08:14 am

AWWW thats just effin adorable. <3 Kinny I love you so much. XD

ReincarnatedParano, 16 May 2010 09:43 am

fffuuu cuteness overload oh god KINNY DON'T FALL.

BattleStarX, 16 May 2010 09:58 am

Like I said, love and evil don't mix. Especially when you don't like touching people.

FanFantasy, 16 May 2010 10:26 am

Daaaaaaawww Kinny you're so cute. And about to fall out of a chair.

LilyFire, 16 May 2010 12:08 pm

Love and evil totally mix. And not touching people just makes it -as we've witnessed- all the more adorable. ^_^

Been lurking for a while. Love the comic. <3

Joobaloob56 (Guest), 16 May 2010 01:59 pm

he's gonna fall. and it'll be hilarious

Arcalian, 16 May 2010 03:39 pm

Don't fight it, Kinny!

eaglelily, 16 May 2010 09:12 pm


Sonow, 16 May 2010 09:23 pm

viiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin know he is. XD

The Jester (Guest), 17 May 2010 01:22 pm

I love how obvious his blushing is. c:

And gkjgfhgf he's gonna faaall.

Russell, 17 May 2010 03:27 pm

You just know that a well placed fall is going to happen.

shibagal, 18 May 2010 09:07 am

^///^ CUTENESS!!!

Chaos Titanium (Guest), 20 May 2010 02:58 pm

This is

Alice Mai, 05 Nov 2010 03:32 am

The nervous/ shy blush and the impending fail fall of doom is too cute. ya just know hes gonna try and act like a lame cool guy when it happens

Bri, 04 Aug 2011 03:59 pm

GASP! Did Kinny just GET THE HINT?!?

Hokova, 12 Aug 2011 09:59 am

I would love to see his face if she touched him.XD

lilmissbunnybitch, 14 Mar 2012 05:56 pm

fffwweeee X3
I love this whole comic to bits X3

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