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Simpler Times

We've got a new update on the site. Starting this week, we're doing two pages a week, until the arc finishes in mid-March. ^_^ It's twice the Kinny fun! You may notice that this is toned instead of colored. Don't panic! Megan and I are still working together, so we'll have her lovely coloring back once this arc is completed. I just had the chance to do the whole thing at once as a final project for my Drawing I class, (again, w00t for Prof. Chen!), so I was not allowed the assistance of my favorite comicmaking partner. But she's still on the job, so no need to worry. For now, expect the regular Monday updates, along with updates on Thursdays now, as well.


posted by evilplan @ December 30th, 2007, 11:14 pm   0 Comments