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New Affiliate!

We have a new friend on the Links page, and it's a smiling one! Say hello to Happyface Comics. It does a type of humor that's rare in comedy: it's very funny, but also very nice. The happy faces always cheer me up to see, and since the author posts frequently, that's very often!

Speaking of link trades, I wanted to make sure that everyone still knows Evil Plan's policy on them: VERY YES. We'd love to do a trade and give you a plug in the newsbox here. Smackjeeves is a webcomic community, and link trades really strengthen those bonds. So please, it doesn't matter how well you're known, or what kind of comic you make, please comment here or send me a PM, and we'll get your banner up on the Links page.

There is, however, a rule that I'm gonna put into place, and this does effect the comics already on the Links page. Comics that have not posted since the start of 2009 are going to be taken off the page. I'm not going to include non-comic-related filler as proper posts either, because that's unfair to the people who are really working on their comics. I understand that keeping a comic going can be difficult, though, so I'll wait til the end of March to clean up the page. So please post! I don't want to accept that your comics have stopped... :(

-Alexis Royce

posted by Alexis_Royce @ March 12th, 2009, 9:00 am   0 Comments