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Last Day to Enter the Evil Plan Contest!

All right, everyone, I'm going to set an end date for the Evil Plan GN contest. The last day to send me your entries is Sunday, February 28. I know that some of you really wanted to try, so please go for it before your lives get too busy in the new semester!

-The contest is currently going, and ends February 28. After that, Megan and Alexis will start picking the winners afterward.

-Entries must be Evil Plan fanworks, but they aren't limited to any particular kind. So long as they include Evil Plan characters, you're good. It can be fanart, fanfic, fancomics, a youtube video of an interpretive dance based on the telekinesis chip, whatever works with your talents. ^_^

-Entries (or links to entries) will be posted on the "Extras" page of the Evil Plan site, so that everyone can see everybody else's work.

-There isn't a rating limit for the entries, but we won't host anything obscene on the website, and your chances for winning won't be very good.

-There will be two prizes: Both Megan and Alexis will each take a copy of the GN, and write and draw all over their copy, creating a one-of-a-kind annotated version, complete with creator comments, jokes, and general doodles.

-Megan's favorite entry will receive her copy, and Alexis' favorite entry will receive hers. These copies will be sent before the GN goes on sale, and thus the winners will get their special books before anyone else.

Check the Extras page to see the entries we have so far!

We'll also put links to your entry on the main Evil Plan website, so all the other Evil Plan readers can see your work!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them here. If you'd like to submit any entries, just note them to me, or post a link here.

Alexis Royce

posted by Alexis_Royce @ February 8th, 2010, 7:54 am   0 Comments