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Contest Winners!

For serious, we're finally announcing them! The wait was driving me crazy, too. After much deliberation, both Megan and I have picked the entries that we liked best. If you haven't taken a good look yet, you should really stop and go through the entries. We had fanfiction, comics, and some great illustrations. I found myself laughing so frequently, because so many people approached this with a humor that I hope I can live up to in the real comic.

So, one final time, here are all the entries:

"A Kitten??" by Arcalian- http://arcalian.deviantart.com/art/A-kitten-130376255

"400 AD" by Gaelic- http://gaelic.deviantart.com/art/4000-AD-Final-137804064

"Termination" by LoverofPiggies- http://loverofpiggies.deviantart.com/art/EP-fanart-Termination-132854025

"The Earth is MINE" by LoverofPiggies- http://loverofpiggies.deviantart.com/art/Evil-Plan-The-Earth-is-MINE-138467115

"Small Troubles" by Jaranus- http://jaranus.deviantart.com/art/Small-Troubles-140213239

"GLOMP" by Ava-Connie- http://ava-connie.deviantart.com/art/Evil-Plan-Comp-entry-GLOMP-145571698

"A Special Gift" by AnimexVideogames- http://animexvideogames.deviantart.com/art/A-Special-Gift-146043485

"In The Palm of His Hand" by Snowballchibikat- http://snowballchibikat.deviantart.com/art/In-The-Palm-Of-His-Hand-155550024

And here are the winners!

Megan's favorite entry is: "In The Palm of Hs Hand" by Snowballchibikat! Snowballchibikat will be winning Megan's copy of Evil Plan Vol. 1, which will include sketches and notes and doodles and such by Megan.

My favorite entry is "The Earth is MINE" by Loverofpiggies! LoverofPiggies will be winning my copy Evil Plan Vol. 1, which will include sketches and notes and general defacement by me.

Congratulations to the winners! Still, we want to thank you all for entering the contest. I know that I've had a tremendous amount of fun seeing people interacting with Kinesis and everyone, and it was a continuous reminder that we're lucky to have readers with such a high level of awesome. ^_^ I've put all the entries on the Evil Plan extras page, where they're all listed together with everything else. Jeez, I think the fan-works now outnumber the amount of extra art by Meg and I that we have on that page. You guys are putting us to shame!

posted by Alexis_Royce @ March 12th, 2010, 8:29 am   0 Comments