2019 Conventions:

Anime Zap:
Jan 4-6

Denver Pop Culture Con:

Jun 7-9

Jul 12-14

Indiana Comic Con:
Aug 30- Sept 1

Grand Rapids CCon:
Nov 8-12



Gen Con

Do you live in or near the Indianapolis area? Or are you, like us, making your annual pilgrimage? Either way, if you'll be at Gen Con next week, you might just see Chelsea and I there. We won't be in the dealer's hall, but we will have a table in the Anime Artist's Alley. It's much lower-key, and we like it like that. We also do a bunch of events at Gen Con, so we need to keep our table smaller, anyway. Keep an eye on my twitter, I'll post times when we'll be at the table.
Please stop by and chat, let us know what games you've been playing. As usual, Chels and I will be doing a few LARPs, and this year, we're even running one! It's Cold War themed, surprise surprise.

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