Upcoming Conventions:

Shuto Con, Lansing:
Mar 23- Mar 25

Anime Matsuri, Houston TX:
Mar 30-Apr 1

Jun 29th-Jul 1st

Denver Comic Con, CO:
June 15-17

Anime Midwest, IL:
July 6-8

Grand Rapids CCon:
Nov 9-11




Time for another convention. Chelsea and I will be at NMA Con in Traverse City, Michigan, September 7-9. And I did the badge art this year! Huzzah. ^_^

Also, I do commissions dirt cheap at conventions, pencils on Bristol board, $4 for one character, $7 for two, and I'll draw anybody you like. It's best to find me as early as possible. I do my best to make sure I'm fully stocked on everything, but I do run out of stock and time. So if there's a charm you want or a commission you were thinking about getting, beeline for me (of course I want my readers to nab the good stuff first). We'll have a big banner at the front of our table. It looks just like the one at the top of the comics page, so find Kinesis & Alice, and you've found us. I look forward to seeing you guys there!

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