Upcoming Conventions:

Shuto Con, Lansing:
Mar 23- Mar 25

Anime Matsuri, Houston TX:
Mar 30-Apr 1

Jun 29th-Jul 1st

Denver Comic Con, CO:
June 15-17

Anime Midwest, IL:
July 6-8

Grand Rapids CCon:
Nov 9-11



Convention Schedule

Hello all! I'm happy to say that this year is going to be chock full of conventions! We're going to absolutely as many as we can handle/afford.

Shuto Con April 5th-7th in Lansing, Michigan
Anime Central May 17-19, 2013 in Rosemont, Illinois
TrotCon June 14–16 in Columbus, Ohio
JAFAX June 22-23 in Allendale, Michigan
Anime Midwest July 5-7 in Rosemont, Illinois
Gencon August 15-18 in Indianapolis, Indiana (We won't have a table, but you may bump into us at a LARP or two.)
NMA Con: September 7-8 in Traverse City, Michigan
Kollision Con: November 15-17 in Rosemont, Illinois

You'll note that that all these conventions are in the Midwest; I wish we could go to cons much farther out; but we're still small fries, so plane tickets and hotel rooms are pretty expensive. But please still feel free to suggest cons that aren't on the list; I'd love to try to get out to a con near you!

As always, please stop by our table if you'll be at any of these cons. You don't even have to buy anything, just stop by and say hi. Also, if you bring a weird, unopened food (like in a sealed bag, can or box) then Chelsea and I will both eat it and thank you by name on our next livestream. And you haven't lived until you've watched us put fruitcake in a blender and consume it.


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